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so random.

hi. i'm Alisea...i'm 24 soon...and i'm a stoner. big time. ::waves::

i've been asked, "why do you smoke?" i calmly reply, "because. i like to."
is it really all that big of a deal? smoking pot? really...
i don't smoke cigs, so i don't know what it's like to need need need a break to smoke some nic. but that kind of smoking is scary to me anywho. man made. something is wrong.

i question everything. good and evil. it isn't because i've been trampled on in the past or anything of the sort. i just don't believe in not filtering what you absorb. education is in the soul of the beholder.

i am a loner. and i love it. do i get lonely? i cannot say that i do. is that weird? i don't think so. i've got a hand full of people i love and respect without question. i just don't believe in forcing myself upon people in hopes that they'll like me. i could give.
i mean, everyone, to some degree wants to be appreciated by all. but...i'm not going to toss salad to get that lovin'.

i just felt like writing, really. i don't write as often as i should. i will start writing more. let's see, smoke mainly from a bowl. 1st and only named bowl ever, Magenta, died a tragic death AND it was caught on tape. only had it for a month, too. my current device is waaay clogged but still choking me up. so i'm torn.
first time i toked and enjoyed my high was on a sunday morning. i was on my way to the thrift with Yado and we toasted a blunt. the sun was beaming - felt like ecstacy for more than a moment. haven't felt like that since. so maybe i'm smoking...waiting for that feeling to come back....maybe.

with that, i'm out.

hold tight.
one love.

i really just needed an excuse to finally use that icon. no, not really...but yeah, maybe a little. ;cP
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Haha! i love you
I concur.