adeekjn ihjj (z_adellic) wrote in lesbianstoners,
adeekjn ihjj

what up im new - introducing my self ;]

names linzy- im 18 i live in detroit MI, i was born in augsberg germany, im half mexican and half german, im what youd call a new age hippie, PS my dads name is jerry garcia, sweet aye. startred smoking pot in like.. 6th grade, with my dad. were pot buddies. hes taught me about all i know about anything. not true. whatev.

uhm. i have a dog, named cheech, he's like.. my best friend, hes the fuckin shit and you'd all love him.

anyways, nice to meet you all and i'll share some pics ;] -peace

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

-me and cheech-
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

last but not least - i will show off the EPITIMY of the perfect woman.. chev<3

Image hosted by

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