Emma (anti_y0u) wrote in lesbianstoners,

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ok, here's the deal.

after tassypink told me she cant bring up the members list to designate moderators, since she is only moderator status, not maintainer, no one else can become a maintainer. however, there is one thing that can happen.

keepongroovin, julia, though her lj is no more, if she were to somehow bring back her journal, that is our only other option. she was the only other one with maintainer status. so if that's possible in any way, thats our best bet. otherwise, it looks like lesbianpotheads is our new home.

lets hope miracles can happen.

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Awww, and I just got the nerve to post my survey thing too T____T
i'm sure the mods can just link your old survey to the new community :)
dude, i didnt think of that! ur good! good thing i made u a maintainer- ur like the half of my brain i lost.
if i talk to julia sometime soon i'll let her know